Are unique IPs & Realistic Profiles used for votes?2019-08-23T16:32:02+00:00

We understand the criticality of unique IPs & the use of realistic profiles. Our votes will be from unique IP addresses using realistic profiles.

Is my win guaranteed if I hire you?2019-08-23T16:41:17+00:00

We do not guarantee the outcome of any contest. Our scope of services is limited to completing the ordered votes count. Based on our experience we proactively inform our buyers about any additional vote’s requirement to achieve the desired result. The buyers are responsible to calculate the vote’s requirement in order to win the contest.

What type of contest votes do you offer?2019-08-23T16:30:33+00:00

With any experienced team we have been able to build a service base which covers all kind of online voting contest. You may:

· Buy Facebook App Votes

· Buy Email Votes

· Buy Signup Votes

· Buy Captcha Votes

· Buy IP Votes

· Buy Twitter Poll Votes

· Buy Instagram Poll Votes

· Buy Wavo Votes

· Buy Woobox Votes

· Buy Quora Up Votes

· Buy Quora Down Votes

What are the delivery time lines for completing the order?2019-08-23T16:28:47+00:00

We start working on the order after the order instructions are shared with us. We take utmost care while working on the order & completed within 12 to 48 hours. We can spread out the votes if required. Such instructions need to be shared while sharing work order details. For any specific requirements like expediting the delivery, we encourage you to either mail us at [email protected] or chat with us using website chat feature.

Can you help me with votes from country specific IP addresses?2019-08-23T16:27:43+00:00

We generally use USA IP addresses. However we can vote through other country specific IP addresses also at an additional price.

What happens after I order & make the payment?2019-08-23T16:27:06+00:00

After completing the payment for your order you are required to share the contest details & order instructions. Once we receive the details, our team starts working on the order as per the shared instructions. The report for the completed order is shared within the given time frame shown on our website service related page. If the order is spread out for multiple days duration, we share daily work order report to keep you informed. This enables you to make decisions if any changes are needed.

I need urgent votes. Can you help?2019-08-23T16:26:20+00:00

Each voting contest has different steps to complete the votes. Based on the steps the time needed to complete vote may differ. We do offer last minute votes & to avail them you need to confirm before submitting the order. In order to confirm we encourage you to either mail us or contact us through web chat & make the payment only after we agree to deliver the order. For us your satisfaction is most important. If the confirmation is not taken before hand we may not be prepared for last minute voting resulting in dissatisfaction.

What happens if suddenly my contest votes get deleted after the completion of the order?2019-08-23T16:25:15+00:00

This is a rare occurring and can happen due to any system failure on part of the contest organizers. Once we have completed the orders, you can see the rise in the number of votes on your profile. If later on it is deleted, it will not be our responsibility to deliver fresh votes or give a refund. You need to contact the contest authorities for support.

What options do you provide to complete the payment?2019-08-23T16:24:28+00:00

Our preferred payment method is PayPal which is a globally recognized payment gateway. PayPal provides both Buyer & Seller protection. If you do not have PayPal account we can share payment request on your email address using which you will be able to compete for the payment through debit or credit card. We would require your email address to share the payment request.

Do you accept order cancellation?2019-08-23T16:57:41+00:00

Once order placed cannot be cancelled for any reason. We assure to deliver votes. In case we fail to deliver the number of ordered votes then we will refund. Otherwise, we will not refund so please read all terms & conditions prior to placing an order.

Note – We will not be responsible if you made payment in mistake, as per our policy the payments are non-refundable. So please read all Terms & conditions before you place an order.

Will you refund if I don’t win or get disqualified?2019-08-23T16:54:29+00:00

We do not guarantee the outcome of the contest. We are responsible only to deliver the votes in the given time frame. Unfortunately, we will not be able to give you refund in case you lose or get disqualified. We avoid scenarios which may result in disqualification using manual voting procedures. We do not use auto bots or software to complete the votes. All votes are delivered using realistic profiles & unique IPs. This is the prime reason behind our clients winning the contest after rendering our services.

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