1) Will the votes be offered from unique IPs & Realistic Profiles?

Yes, the offered votes would be from unique IPs & Realistic Profiles with updated friend list & profile picture.

2) Do you guarantee win in the contest?

No, we do not take any such guarantee. Our buyers calculate the number of votes required for winning the contest. We assure delivery of the ordered votes in given time frame.

3) Is there any guarantee that you will start voting after receiving payment?

We are in the field of contest vote’s services from last 3 years & have helped a lot of clients to win contest. Our testimonials speak about us and are available on our website. We assure delivery of exact number of votes in given time frame.

4) Do you offer votes from worldwide IPs or specific country IPs only?

We offer votes from USA IPs. Worldwide IPs are available with us and can be used as per requirement. Kindly let us know if you have any priority of IPs.We can also provide votes from Canada and other North American countries, UK, Spain, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Norway, Turkey, Russia and other European countries, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Iran, Philippines, Indonesia, Israel and others Asian and middle east countries, Australia, New Zealand and others countries of that area. We can also provide votes from Brazil and others South American countries

5) Do you work also on holidays or weekend?

We are available 24*7*365. You can buy online votes from us each and every day of the week.

6) Do you offer votes in last hours of contest?

We can provide votes in last hours of contest but for that you need to contact us & share your contest link accordingly we would be able to suggest how many votes we can do as it totally depends on the steps involved in the voting process of the contest. In some contest we can provide 200 votes in 1 hour & in some contest we can provide maximum 50 votes in one hour. So if you need quick votes then first email us at contact@voteszone.com. We will get back to you instantly and discuss the requirement

7) Can you start providing votes very quickly after sending payment?

Yes we can start working on your order immediately. If your contest ending soon then please mention in your mail and we will start providing votes within few minutes of getting your payment.

8) Can you split my bought votes to 2 or more entry names or more than one contest?

Yes we can. For example, if you have purchased 100 votes and want us to split 50 votes to one link and another 50 votes to another link, we will be able to do it for you. Kindly mention this in email at contact@voteszone.com. Alternatively you can write it in Contact us form available on our website and submit it.

9) Can you send me an Invoice to buy online votes from you ?

We send only PayPal invoices. Kindly mail us at contact@voteszone.com and let us know how many votes required. We will send you the invoice and will proceed voting on your contest after receiving payment.

10) What if I would like to cancel order?

Once order placed cannot be cancelled for any reason. We assure to deliver votes. In case we fail to deliver the number of ordered votes then we will refund. Otherwise we will not refund so please read all terms & conditions prior to placing order.

Note – We will not be responsible if you made payment in mistake, as per our policy the payments are non refundable. So please read all Terms & conditions before you place order.

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