1. Order once placed cannot be cancelled.
  2. We are not responsible if the voting ends prematurely, votes removed by admin & if the contest link stops working.
  3. Buyers are required to send Contest link & details over email as mentioned on How do I Order page & on each Service pages. We are not responsible if the buyer fails to send details.
  4. We are responsible for delivering ordered votes only and do not guarantee the outcome of contest, we do not take responsibility of the delivered removed by the admin. Any such votes will be considered delivered from our side.
  5. Buyers are advised to order votes which will be sufficient to win the contest.
  6. The order will be refunded only if we fail to deliver the ordered count of votes & if the scenario is not covered in the above 5 points.

Note – We are not responsible for accidental orders & request you to place the order if you agree to our terms & conditions. Any accidental orders will not be refunded.


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