People have the power to change the world with their opinions. That is why democracies are deemed so fair, moral and ideal for systems. When given the right to vote, people will use it as a means of expression and give them an honest and earnest opinion. This not only means that the decisive winner is the one that the majority wants but also means that the people feel empowered and trusted. This same trust is what keeps the people believing in the system. Embarking on the same philosophy, many brands and organizations want to empower people and make them feel like their opinion and their voice makes a difference. They hold competitions where the stakes are these really fabulous prizes that virtually anyone can compete for. The competition rules are always fairly simple, you submit an entry and then you contest against numerous other entries on the basis of votes. Yes, votes. That people can cast in your favor. The one with the most votes at the end of the day takes the prize home and the prize is always something remarkably valuable that you really should fret over it.

Unlimited Scope!

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