The people who take part in different online competitions have one and only one goal in mind. They want to win the competition and get their hands on the exciting prizes that are being offered by the organizers of the competitions. These prizes are often expensive which is the main reason that the world of online competitions is extremely ruthless. With the use of social media becoming more popular among the masses the number of people participating in these competitions is increasing exponentially. The competition is becoming tough and it is becoming more difficult to win these competitions. However, what most newcomers to the world of online voting don’t realize is that they can never have enough personal relations and contacts to win these competitions. The easiest and most reliable way to win these online competitions is to buy votes online from any reliable service provider such as Now before you jump into the whole process of buying votes it is important to know whether you want to buy email votes, unique IP votes, or Facebook votes. The difference between these votes in given below.

Email Votes:

Some competitions require you to have votes that have been cast from unique IP addresses. These competitions are usually hosted by competition hosting websites and they have a very strict monitoring policy. For these competitions, you will have to buy email votes. If you want to buy email votes one of the first things that you need to make sure is that you have a reliable and trustworthy service provider such as The votes that you are buying should all come from unique email addresses otherwise there is a high chance that you will be disqualified from the competition.

Facebook votes:

Facebook competitions are the most famous type of competitions on any social media platform. Hundreds of people participate in these competitions on daily basis. They are also relatively easy to manage. There are two main type of Facebook competitions, the like based competitions and Facebook poll-based competitions. Arranging votes for both these types of competitions is easy and cheap as compared to some other online competition platforms. However, the prizes that are being offered in these competitions are also sometimes not very attractive. But if you really want to win the competition you should contact a reliable service provider to buy votes for the competition.

Unique IP votes:

These are the most common type of votes that most of the competitions require. The competition hosting websites want to make sure that the votes that are being cast are genuine and the only way to do so is to check the IP addresses form which the votes are being cast. At we make sure that each and every vote that you are buying is coming from a unique IP address because we know that if that is not the case you are at a risk of being disqualified from the competition.