Competitions are a great way to get one’s adrenaline pumping. Competitions get our hearts pumping faster and encourage us to strive for the best. Although some competitions are physicals, most of them can be virtual too. One most famous form of competitions we see today are online contests. Online contests have been around for decades and they are here to stay. Most online contest work on a play to win approach, by offering prizes. Individuals from various platforms, worldwide are encouraged to participate and get their fair share of entertainment & even the winning prize. These prizes not only attract the eyes of the participants but they also create a sense of commitment. However, these contest vary significantly from their physical counterparts. Unlike physical & tangible contests, these contests rely on the individual’s ability to gain popularity & get votes. The competition gets tougher as it goes virtual since its easier for the people with a bigger social circle to get more votes. In times like these, a person can do everything but quit.

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