YouTube 4,000 Hours Rule:

In this article, we will guide you on what it takes to get 4,000 hours of viewing time on YouTube. This is the number of viewing hours you need to spend on the YouTube Partner Program and start making money.

What Does It Really Mean 4,000 Hours Of YouTube Watch Time?

Within 4,000 hours of viewing time, your videos must be public. So that means you can’t stream live on YouTube and set it unlisted and expect all those hours of viewing to count. Also, any videos you have deleted or set private will not be available in 4,000 hours. YouTube will take all that time out of your rating. Also, you should earn those 4,000 hours in 12 consecutive months. Videos do not need to be published in the last 12 months, but need to be viewed in the last 52 weeks.

Get 4000 Hours Of Watch Time On YouTube 

With all that said, let’s get into the right mindset. This is something I always talk about with creators who have different types of intentions in their minds. If you create a YouTube channel for the individual reason of earning 4000 watch hours of time with 1000 subscribers then a few of you will hardly succeed. It takes more than the desire to make money to be successful on YouTube.

After 1000 Subscribers And 4000 Watch Hours:

After 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours, here’s why:

  • Four thousand hours is too much which are equal to 240,000 minutes, it means that one person will have to watch your YouTube content constantly for round about 167 days.
  • If you publish your first video on YouTube and get just an hour to watch, you should be proud of that.
  • It’s the biggest goal you can achieve when you first join YouTube.
  • YouTube needs as a large amount of data as probable from your YouTube content so that it can believe you and its publicity partners. 
  • Remember, it’s not YouTube that pays you directly; by those advertisers. YouTube is actually the person in the middle of this case, and needs to make sure your content is non-controversial.

Buy 4000 Watch Hours On YouTube:

Buy 4000 Watch Hours On YouTube Create evergreen content to maximize your viewing success. Look at the statistics. It is a real-time view of some of our best performing videos on the channel. Be aware of anything in particular. Most of these videos were published over the past six months and still attract thousands of daily views. 

You may have heard of these types of videos before. These are known as evergreen, and you should absolutely post of similar videos on your YouTube. Evergreen content is the key to many views on YouTube. Getting to YouTube can be very difficult. But you can make it easier by making content that may appear in YouTube search results.

Remain Persistent For Your YouTube Watch Time To Grow:

Don’t get me wrong, viral videos are a great thing. They really offer to kick your channel. But I never went into a video production process with the intention of making an infected video. It is a very happy and welcome bonus if possible. Plan to make better content continuously. Comply with every aspect of your YouTube travels, from the way you shoot to the texts you type to how you present them on camera. Remain persistent main video editing, custom thumbnails, and beautiful captioning.