As all the industries are evolving and eventually moving towards the commonly shared goal of a more consumer-oriented service, they are coming up with more interesting ways to engaged their target audience and sometimes even go beyond that. They do this by organizing small events or sponsoring other such events so that their name and details can be displayed for all to see. This helps create a sense of goodwill among their clients as well as get them exposure to new clientele. These events, usually being pageants, product unveilings, keynote presentations or product sampling, however are tightly bound by geographic constraints and fans from another city or country may be rendered unable to attend just because of the distance. Therefore, by taking advantage of the digital space and the internet which has completely done away with physical constraints such as the number of miles between two bodies, these brands have started to conduct contests online. The contests referred to are open to all and completely easy to take part in and this way they can tap into a very large audience spanning across countries and continents. This ingenious strategy benefits the brand or business greatly but also the people who compete in them because to the victor goes a prize so fabulous that you find yourself drawn to the registration link and signing up for the competition. These attractive prizes that go to the winners are always a treat to own and flaunt around so everybody wants to get a piece of this action. However, these contests work on the metric of votes which means that after entering the competition each contestant needs to try and amass the most votes so that they are the ones dominating the scoreboard by the final call.

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