Votes get to decide almost everything nowadays. The power of opinion has become so widely sought out that audiences have now replaced judges and juries when it comes to several contests and deciding acceptance rate of a trend. By empowering people this way, multinational brands and businesses can communicate and engage with their audiences in a much more interactive way. One byproduct of this interactive mode of getting the general public to validate things is the online contest. True to its name, these contests are conducted online by the very same brands and business where they give away fantastic prizes to the winner. All that the contestants need to do is register themselves for the competition and then let the public decide who gets to be the victor. This works via a system of votes and by the laws and semantics of this system, a vote is the unit in which your chances of winning are measured. Therefore, the entry with the most votes collected at the end of the contest is the one that gets to be titled the champion as well as the proud new owner of the fabulous prize. Getting these votes however is the trickiest bit about these contests because they do not mention how daunting of a task that is.

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