If you want to up your Instagram game then buying more Instagram follower is very crucial. However, it seems a little bit difficult to garner too many likes but there are a number of ways to grow your network and increase your online reach. However, you may not gain as many followers anytime soon but the following tips will help bring your Instagram profile to millions of people with minimal effort.

REMEMBER TO HASHTAG: Hashtags are one of the simplest ways to grow your fan base which is essentially phrases or words that are used with the photo or video on Instagram and other social networks. Your posts can be more accessible with the use of most popular and trending hashtag. Your posts will secure the higher position in the search page of Instagram. But what kind of hashtags should you use to your photos or videos? Search the big accounts in your niche and find out their popular posts. Also, check out their hashtags and use them in your posts. You can create your own hashtag and ask your audience to share your posts with this hashtags to make it popular. But remember to keep them short and interesting that can engage the more people.

COMMUNICATE: Getting a lot of Instagram followers are useless when you don’t engage them with your content. Because engagement with your audience can increase the following count in a very short period of time. Liking and commenting on the posts of your followers is a good way to engage them while you can also attract more audience by responding to your users. Interact with them and share your thoughts and opinions. You can look up the posts that are using the same hashtags (you’re already using) and interact with their audience as they have similar interests.

TIMING IS KEY: However, your posts don’t display in the sequential order but it does matter when you post your content. Post your content when most of the people are online. For example, post your photos at 5 pm EST. That way, your posts will not get buried by the numerous other posts of other accounts. If you want to drive up the post’s engagement instantly then consider to post in the morning before office timing, evening and lunchtime.

ADD A BIO: Your Instagram bio is very crucial when it comes to get more Instagram followers and boost the engagement of your posts. Your bio is a convincing factor that compels the visitors to start following you. If you are a brand, you can put your brand message and link your other social media accounts and include a website link in the bio. It has only 150 character limit to tell the story of your life. Don’t add unnecessary information and tags in your bio. Telling your followers and potential audience what you do and let them know more about you and your brand.