Facebook Votes for Online Competitions

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Have you participated in any Facebook-based competition and need likes and votes? If yes then you have definitely come to the right place. Most of the Facebook-related competitions for example best photograph, highest likes on a comment and any other competition that requires public voting or likes can be very easily won now. We at voteszone.com [...]

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Things to consider while buying online votes

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Online competitions are often very tough and for someone who does not have a lot of personal relations winning an online competition that is based on public voting often becomes very hard if not completely impossible. If you want to win an online competition, the result of which is completely dependent on public voting you might [...]

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How to buy IP Votes ?

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There are a lot of different competitions online that require you to collect IP votes from only a certain geographical location in order for you to win the competition. It often becomes difficult for users to participate in these competitions and even if they do some of the participants that are living in the area get [...]

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